Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winter Wonderland In Hope

And more catch-up, this time from another one of our Hope trips!  This visit was from Christmas break, when the Froldham clan made our way out to the "cabin" to enjoy all the snow. And enjoy it we did!  Here are some pics from our adventures in the winter wonderland!

Snow train!
Eating brown snow, Janaya?!? ;)

Papa is skying with his sister!
Naya sings (screams?!) "Angels We Have Heard on High" for Auntie Ann!
Love my grouchy face!
She really didn't me to take her picture!
Daddy's turn! He needs a little help!
Love the action shot!
Can you hear the screaming?!
Had to include this! Picture of the dads wrestling in the background!
Great time!  I'm ready for summer now (pouring rain today!) but looking at these does make me look forward to next winter!


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