Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Minecraft Birthday!

For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon called Minecraft, here is a short introduction from the Minecraft website.

Less than a year ago, we (at least I) had no idea what this whole Minecraft thing was.  I saw students at school drawing Minecraft pictures (usually axes, picks and other such implements) and I actually assumed it was a fighting video game, and not something that would be good for my 9 year old son.

Then Kaleb was introduced to Minecraft, and we realized it was a pretty cool BUILDING game. It was a natural obsession for a boy who loves Lego, since it is really just a virtual, computer version of building with blocks. And he's been hooked ever since!

So of course it was a complete no-brainer for him to choose to do a Minecraft theme for this 10th birthday!

I should add that the idea of 10 ten year old boys in my home for several hours was a bit daunting to me, and so I actually tried to talk Kaleb into have an "out" birthday. I offered him a pool party at the Rec centre.  I offered bowling.  The movie theater? But Kaleb was committed to having a Minecraft birthday at home.  And so the planning began...

Way back in the beginning of May, the boy and I started a board on Pinterest for all the ideas we were finding online for this Minecraft party.   Kaleb would regularly ask to see our online pinterest board, and often asked in the morning if I'd "pinned" anything new to it (knowing it is in my down time in the evening that I am usually looking for ideas online)!  The whole party really was a labour of love that the boy and I worked on together.

So without further chat, here are pictures of the party.  Forgive the billion pics, but the beauty of this party was in the details. :)  So they MUST be documented!

The cool invite a sweet friend offered to do for us!
The decorated dining room, all ready for the arrival of the guests!
Hard to capture because of the sunlight, but here is part of the pixelated bunting!
The decorated table
Place settings: square plates & napkins, "Enderman" juice boxes

Creeper and ghast goodie bags!
Creeper piñata 
Food table! With all special Minecraft food!
Cheesie "carrots", mini chocochip cookies, Rolo "gold"!
Watermelon, Jello "water" blocks, licorice TNT, and Creeper juice boxes & marshmallow pops!
Marshmallow mushrooms, and choco-dipped pretzel stick "torches"!
Lego Minecraft block and Origami Steve

Kaleb's biggest project was to make these purler bead creations.  We found lots of ideas and patterns online and all three kids actually got very into making these. Several afternoons were spent creating these cool Minecraft objects!  Each party guest got to choose one of these magnets to take home.

Purler bead creations on the "crafting table" centre piece.
The birthday boy, with the cake!
What ten looks like!! 
My cake creation. Three batches of rice krispie squares and marshmallow fondant!
What I was trying to recreate!
Square pizza with square pepperoni
Creeper pizza
The main activity for the party was a "scavenger hunt" meets "minute to win it" game created by the birthday boy's dad!  (You know, you gotta be sure to capitalize on all the skills learned by working in youth ministry!) The weather cooperated for once and so we took the kids out onto the greenway/easement in front of our house to do all the crazy games.

The idea was for the kids to have earn the 9 ingredients needed to make a cake in the game of Minecraft.  The 9 ingredients (pictures) were hidden along the greenway, and when each ingredient was found, the group had to do a challenge to earn the item.

It was a blast for the kids and to watch, and Andy (and his helpers!) did a great job!  A highlight of the party, for sure!

The gang, all linked up & getting instructions from the game master (aka Andy!)
So fun/funny to see 10 ten year olds linked up and having to work together!
Such characters, all of them!
Getting instructions from Andy for their next challenge!
A group challenge! Such concentration going on here!
Cookie challenge!  This was so much fun to watch the boys do!
Yes, we sure got some strange looks from those walking the greenway!
The game crew!  
Me and my "Diva"!
Mummified birthday boy!
Selfie with the birthday boy!
The challenges have been completed and all the ingredients for cake have been earned!
Cake time!
After cake time, we ended with a piñata!  You can never go wrong (?!?!) with baseball bat swinging boys and a ton of candy!! :P
Creeper Kaleb getting ready to hit the piñata!
There you have it!  A Minecraft birthday complete!  Whew!  Now I can actually concentrate on other areas of my life! ;)  

It really was fun though, and I do enjoy doing these special parties for my kiddos (as you probably guessed!). Kaleb is certainly very appreciative and gave me lots of positive comments on how much he enjoyed the party.  

Andy also posted on his Twitter and facebook that one of the boys actually came and told me "This is the best birthday party ever!" But really, never, in all my years of crazy-overboard birthday party planning, has my work been so appreciated. The whole group of them seriously ooooo-ed and ahhhhh-ed over little detail that we have slaved over. It was almost humorous! And so totally unexpected!  But I think that because these boys are ALL so into this Minecraft phenomenon, they really could get into this theme!

(My proof-reader is on holidays, so hopefully there aren't too many mistakes!  But I'm too tired to re-read right now.  Mom??)


Little Gumnut said...

It looks fantastic! I loved the Minecraft food you did - especially the torches and toadstools! How funky is Kaleb's hair - bit of a fashionista there! Can't believe he is now 10!!! How time flies! The girls are into Minecraft here too so it's not just a boy thing!

kelly ens said...

WOW niki! The details! I don't even know much about minecraft and don't need to ... you showed what it is VERY well. incredible!

Laura said...

Unbelievable! Just awesome... I'll be sure to revisit this post when Ry gets into this phenomenon!

Jessie Soarsen said...

That is amazing! My brother is having a party like that (same age) and I love the idea for the cake! Thanks so much!

blooogggggg said...

This looks so great i love the Food it looks so tasty. I love the Minecraft game very much. And i know that this is great for kids!

Cynthia said...

I like your idea of the boys working together to earn the cake. I like to do group/cooperative games especially when there are children of various ages coming. If you have time, could you please share the challenges that you had the children do to earn each ingredient.

We are having a party for my son next week and have invited a few friends and cousins.

Thank you!

Rebekah Cooksey said...

I'm planning a Minecraft party for my 8-yr-old and would love to know what you did for the "challenge". My son really wants a scavenger hunt type thing and I'm trying to think of fun things to make the kids do to earn resources. Would you post what your husband created? Or send to me please?

blooogggggg said...

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Rosalinda Hone said...

Scavenger hunt meets Minute-to-Win-It? What a great twist in this game! Kaleb's smile, and the other kids' as well, you can tell that they all had a blast doing this game. I’m sure Kaleb is looking forward for his next birthday. I wonder what you have next in store for him?

- Rosalinda Hone @ RiddleMe

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Colleen Buckley said...

I really enjoyed your idea for the group game. So clever. I would love to hear more about what the other challenges were. Would you mind posting or emailing them? Thanks!

sarah lee said...

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Immo said...

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mom of twin boys said...

I would love to know more about the challenges too. I read that others have commented on that too. I was thinking the same thing for their party this weekend - challenges to earn each ingredient. I look forward to hearing from you!